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Monday, May 17, 2010

It's good to be back...

Well, I stopped blogging a few months before I went on the job market last year. You can't be too careful about these things, as words can be taken very differently than they are intended. I figured it best to park that action for awhile, and, after all, it was an extremely busy time.

Speaking of extremely busy, my first year at Baylor was filled with such great times and such an active conference schedule--thanks to Baylor's generous funding--that I continued not-blogging through the academic year.

Well, I'm booked solid till March of 2011, so if I'm ever going to blog again, I'm going to have to say "damn the schedule, get 'er done!"

I'm teaching two sections of a class on C.S. Lewis in the Honors College this Fall, so this summer I'll be reading through the Lewis Signature Classics, a Grief Observed, and a God in the Dock.

I'll be thinking especially about evil, since I have some stuff due on that by the end of the year--and summer is taken on two book projects--so I'll be putting up some sketchy ideas about that here.

Cya round...


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