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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tales of Travel: Unamerican activities among the French-Swiss.

I had to catch a bus. HAD to. I had to go. GO go. HAD to. I waited and waited for le Toilet Publique. Time was running out. I crossed the street to the cafe thinking "I'd have to pay two CHF (Swiss Franks, about two dollars) to go there anyway, so I don't mind buying a cup of tea after, taking a few sips, and abandoning it. Neither going in nor coming out did I see anyone who looked like they were ready, willing, and able, to take my order, so I just headed back out to the bus depot.

"Messeur! Messeur!" I heard. "Es ne toilet publique.! I had just a moment to think. "Inshuldigenzie, bitte," I responded, "Sprechen-zie Deutch?" She replied with the German for "Es ne toilet publique" and I just rolled my eyes at her and walked away. Hahahaha, take that Germans! Another mission accompliched for the Red White and Blue (these colors don't run, but something else almost did!) [The last few comments courtesy of me watching too much Colbert Report.]


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