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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Heading to another S____land epistemology conference: Epistemic Agency

Well I'll be heading out in a few weeks to the Epistemic Agency Conference in Geneva, Switzerland put on by the Episteme group there. I look forward to seeing Julien Detant again whom I met briefly at the Aberdeen Linguistics and Epistemology conference, Olivier Massin and Anne Meyen whom I met at the Edinburgh epistemology conference, and hanging out with El Greco, the main speaker and all around good guy.

This will be my third time abroad: twice to Scotland and now Switzerland. It struck me that I should next go to Swaziland to keep with the theme of taveling to S___land. I can't think of any more countries that meet that pattern, so maybe it'll just be a trifecta.

England doesn't count since I was just on my way to Scotland, but even if you counted it it would make a consistent _____land theme. Now that would have more opportunities I think. Any conferences in Iceland?


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