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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Bit of Silly Re-Search

Google has an interesting service which allows you to see the search stats on high-volume search strings.

Here are some results of potential interest to readers. [I've made similar posts on X-Catholics and my philosophy blog]

"C.S. Lewis"
1. Nashville, TN, USA 2. Salt Lake City, UT, USA 3. Oklahoma City, OK, USA 4. St Louis, MO, USA 5. Richardson, TX, USA 6. Dallas, TX, USA 7. Columbus, OH, USA 8. Cincinnati, OH, USA 9. Raleigh, NC, USA 10. Austin, TX, USA

1. Chesterton, IN, USA 2. Valparaiso, IN, USA 3. South Bend, IN, USA 4. Indianapolis, IN, USA 5. Chicago, IL, USA 6. Elmhurst, IL, USA 7. Cincinnati, OH, USA 8. Pittsburgh, PA, USA 9. Washington, DC, USA 10. Minneapolis, MN, USA

1. Washington, DC, USA 2. Atlanta, GA, USA 3. Denver, CO, USA 4. Pleasanton, CA, USA 5. Irvine, CA, USA 6. Philadelphia, PA, USA 7. Austin, TX, USA 8. Minneapolis, MN, USA 9. St Louis, MO, USA 10. Raleigh, NC, USA

1. Irvine, CA, USA 2. Pleasanton, CA, USA 3. Los Angeles, CA, USA 4. New York, NY, USA 5. Houston, TX, USA 6. San Diego, CA, USA 7. San Francisco, CA, USA 8. Austin, TX, USA 9. Sacramento, CA, USA 10. Philadelphia, PA, USA

1. Columbus, OH, USA 2. Washington, DC, USA 3. Cambridge, MA, USA 4. Pittsburgh, PA, USA 5. New York, NY, USA 6. Baltimore, MD, USA 7. Philadelphia, PA, USA 8. Atlanta, GA, USA 9. Cincinnati, OH, USA 10. Minneapolis, MN, USA

I stared at these lists side-by-side for quite some time looking for patterns. Though I'd found some interesting ones, but then I started going all Beautiful Mind...


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