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Monday, June 05, 2006


The weather was quite a bit warmer for the Ontario Down and Dirty Triathlon, as you can tell by comparing the pictures.

I finished well and had fun. Here's one anecdote. I'm accustomed to planning hiking trips and usually figure three miles an hour--20 minute miles--for easy hiking. My comfortable running speed is about twice that pace. Due to a little confusion I was running along at a comfortable pace when people started blasting by me in a semi-sprint. I looked at my watch, did a little calculation, and figured that we were just about half way through the final running leg of the event.

I was like "Suckers! When we get to the finish they'll be spent and I'll blow past them with my reserve of energy." Then I turned a corner and saw the finish line! That explained the sprinting and next time I'll remember to calculate based on *running* speed!

I'll do a few more events this year. They are fun but disruptive of my schedule.


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