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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Or "How to talk with short words."

Here are some translations.

Before monosyllabification:
"His behaviour is quite unacceptable."

After monosyllabification:
"What an ass."

Before monosyllabification:
"I will no longer tolerate your impertinences."

After monosyllabification:
"Get out of my face."

Before monosyllabification:
"Terminate these obfuscations as once."

After monosyllabification:
"Get to the point"

Before monosyllabification:
"Mental properties are mere epiphenomena."

After monosyllabification:
"Your mind can't cause stuff."

Before: "Let's imbibe some alcoholic beverages."
After: "Let's have some drinks."

Here are some inspired by Chesterton's "A BALLAD OF ABBREVIATIONS" of which my little ironically-named game reminded me at once:

Before: "Let's take the elevator to my apartment."
After: "Let's take the lift to my flat."

Before: "My grandfather lived through prohibition."
After: "My Dad's dad went through hell."

Ain't it fun!


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