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Friday, December 30, 2005

Narnia Review Redux

OK, I saw LWW again last night and I liked it much better the second time round. However, my impression I got when I was re-reading for my defense of Edmund that Peter was poorly portrayed was mightily confirmed. I don't know if it's the Disney Effect (where white males in traditional leadership roles are systematically denigrated) or what but Peter's excellent character in the book is muted in the movie.

One thing in particular I noticed that was changed to reflect poorly on Edmund was that when the WW is tempting him in the sled to bring his family she says "A king must have servants, mustn't he?" whereas in the book she says she will make them Dukes and Duchesses. There's a big difference between working to bring your family into servitude versus making them part of the royal court (even if you yourself will be king: Edmund's pride could make him think that it really did make sense for him to be the king rather than Peter).

I'll have to see it a few more times and I've got a few more things to check on in the book again, but the bottom line is that my impressions of the portrayal of the boys was confirmed, but I liked the move even more. I was more impressed with Aslan this time as well.


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