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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Faith, Risk, and Economic Fairness

The basic idea is quite straightforward, as you might expect. Every economic resource (which includes time) that I spend bettering someone else’s life is wasted if there is no God (doing good for goodness sake is for sissies, Nietzsche and Sartre had atheism right). So if you’re not certain that God exists (if you are, wake up) and you are using your resources for others, you risk wasting them. Most of us hedge our bets, we keep considerable resources for ourselves just in case. This is not only Sartrean “bad faith” it’s also lack of faith in the Christian sense. I think the measure of faith is largely the measure of your willingness to risk wasting your resources for the sake of following Jesus. Faith is betting on God. Full faith is betting the farm. What did you risk today?


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